About Us

About thepowerserve™

From a nuts and bolts perspective, thepowerserve™ is a customer service training program. Developed primarily for frontline staff, it also benefits the rest of the members of an organization – people who may not be serving a customer directly, but are always serving someone who does – the “inside front line”

Customer service training programs have been around for years – so what makes this one different? Because thepowerserve™ is about “ownership”.

When an employee understands why and how to “own” their service, they begin to realize that their service is a reflection of themselves first, followed by the company they represent.  This signature training program elevates the value of perfecting people skills on what is now a worldwide stage – bringing to light that one’s professional, personal brand has never had more power.

From the intern to the CEO, adopting a commitment to self-directed excellence is how thepowerserve™ will benefit all members of an organization.

About Tara Sudbury and Brenda McAllister

Tara Sudbury, along with her partner Brenda McAllister, joined forces over 16 years ago. Originally competitors, they came to the realization that by combining their individual strategies, they could achieve powerful results; thepowerserve™ was born.

To this date, together they have trained over 4,000 front-line employees. Their client list includes BC Pav Corp, Expo 86, General Motors Place, the Hong Kong/Canadian International School, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, Sutton Place Hotel, Starlight Casino, BC Sport Hall of Fame and Museum, among many others.  Time and again the feedback they have received from the course participants ran along the same lines: “it’s the first training program in years that finally made sense to me!”

Tara and Brenda’s proficient insight, infectious sense of humour and passion for service excellence will hopefully inspire you today.